Numbers say more than just a feeling

Numbers say more than just a feeling

The brothers Erik and Ron aan den Boom grew up with growing and harvesting asparagus. Since 2009 they are the second generation within the family business. Earlier this year, the owners of Aan den Boom Agro decided to use GrowPro the harvest and labour registration system. Erik is very pleased with the tool: "Hard numbers say more than just a feeling."

Good testimonials about GrowPro

Apart from asparagus, several varieties of plants grow on the plantations of Aan de Boom Agro. Asparagus is the main ingredient, while the brothers also grow rhubarb polls, dahlia tubers, peonies and twigs of cut shrubs. "I’ve heard good testimonials about GrowPro from other growers in the region," says Erik. "I also know owner Maurice Vullers personally, so the whole thing started to roll, we're working during the first season with system now, so far the experience has been positive."

Whether fair remuneration or not?

According to Erik, the need to know exactly what is going on in this area has grown. "The payment was based on hours worked," the good-natured agricultural entrepreneur continues. "Ron and I were wondering how fair the payment was, so far we calculated the amount of asparagus based on the number of kilos per box, and with around 20 employees and 10 hectares of land, it is necessary to know the yield and performance calculate more accurately per employee. '


At the beginning of this year, Aan den Boom Agro decided to start using GrowPro as their harvest and labour registration system, including the crop protection module. "The first impressions are very positive," explains Erik. "Of course we've lost extra time getting ready in the office, but now we see the results in the field, and in the evenings, we'll keep a list of the day's performance." Some employees feel the pressure to perform. "Ron and I will soon study the numbers. At the moment, we do not know which reward system we prefer: per kilo or per hour, and one thing I know for sure: The numbers are making sure that the rewards are fair soon. "

Elimination of teething

Moving to a new crop and work registration system is always associated with small teething troubles. The introduction of GrowPro at Aan den Boom Agro is no exception. "Some functionality could be improved in our eyes," remembers Erik. "It's good how Maurice and his colleagues pick up on the feedback, adapt and release it - compliments for Soft-Solutions."

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