Employee record

Keeping a professional (payroll) administration has never been as easy as it is with GrowPro. Using our employee record, you can manage your personal data, banking details, contract information, and any possible data about accommodation, in an organised manner. Even copies of important documents, such as contracts, identity papers, drivers’ licences, and proof of insurance, are available at any time in the secure GrowPro environment. We offer templates for contracts and other agreements, so you can quickly respond to changing circumstances. This way we alleviate your human resources workload.

Time registration

With our reliable time registration, you guarantee suitable compensation for your employees. It is also a convenient way to comply with laws and regulations. GrowPro can even warn you about upcoming deadlines. In addition to daily registration of the number of hours per person or group of staff, you can also register sick-leave, holiday-leave, and breaks. Recording this information can be done live, using a barcode scanner/tablet, or in hindsight. Often, an overview is printed for staff after each working day. In our experience, this helps to permanently make misunderstandings about hours worked a thing of the past.


Information is manually entered into GrowPro using selected scanners and scales, which can be linked to a label printer. Using a barcode scanner/tablet you can register hours for each member of staff in real-time, using employee-specific barcode badges. In conjunction with a scale, you can easily, quickly, and accurately register harvest data in GrowPro. This includes the crop, weight, packaging, plot, time, and staff. A printed sticker on the packaging then makes your products traceable, from the soil through to processing. This will help improve quality assurance.

Weighing harvests

Your harvest can be measured in two different ways: by weighing it on a mobile/fixed setup, or by counting units. In the first instance, the location and packaging type is recorded by use of a barcode scanner. Then, the weighed harvest is linked to the responsible employee using their personal barcode. In the second case, the filled packages are counted, this is done when harvesting in final packaging. The result is slightly less accurate, but this method is frequently used because it saves a lot of time in measuring and registering.


GrowPro is very suitable for monitoring the effectiveness of your harvest employees. For this you look at the harvested weight per person per timeframe, and the average productivity. Because the work of each employee is registered long term, GrowPro gives you useful tools to give your staff a compliment, or some extra stimulation. The program also supplies complete data for payroll processing. Furthermore, GrowPro gives you detailed insight in the annual yield per plot. This way, GrowPro stimulates the further growth of your business.