With GrowPro all the most important information about your harvest and organisation is close at hand. This way, you always know how your business is doing, no matter where you are. You can easily make adjustments to staff, crops, packaging, and plots, as required. GrowPro is easy and quick to install, is set for you, and after that it can be easily adjusted. It is used in combination with robust hardware, which has been extensively tested for durability and operational reliability. This all makes GrowPro the ideal solution for the budget-conscious grower who likes to have his affairs in order, and get the most out of his business.

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Scan and measure at the harvest site

Your employees register kilos or units at the site where they harvest soft fruit or asparagus. For this you will have access to technically high-quality, mobile equipment. The registered data is available live in GrowPro because we make use of a mobile internet connection.

Growers talking

Numbers say more than just a feeling

The brothers Erik and Ron aan den Boom grew up with growing and harvesting asparagus.

Since 2009 they are the second generation within the family business. Earlier this year, the owners of Aan den Boom Agro decided to use GrowPro the harvest and labour registration system. Erik is very pleased with the tool: "Hard numbers say more than just a feeling."

"Within 2 days scepticism turned into enthusiasm"

During the summer months, 40 seasonal workers work daily at Mertz kleinfruit, the company that heads Ellen and Gerard Mertz in Sint Geertruid, southern Limburg.

At the beginning of the season, both entrepreneurs are using GrowPro to get to know what their employees are doing. "Initially, some Polish employees were skeptical about this new harvest and labour registration system," says Ellen Mertz. "Within two days, this skepticism turned into enthusiasm."

Support to work harder

Why is the arch not always tense with experienced strawberry pickers?

The company Lemmen Aardbeien also struggled with this question. How can I stimulate my employees extra, owner Liesbeth Beijes wondered. GrowPro brought the solution. 'The system provided the right incentive to perform better than ever.'